Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Give me your two eye teeth

WARNING!!! I am posting this for documentation purposes. If you can't look at loose teeth don’t read past The Cisco Kid sitting in the chair.
My poor son went to the dentist and he recommended we have the Cisco Kids two eye teeth removed. There is not enough room in his mouth for his permanent teeth to grow in. Pulling the two eye teeth will be the best thing for a temporary fix right now. If we don’t have his eye teeth removed they might become impacted. Braces will be needed when he is twelve. I agreed to the procedure and then I was informed that I would not be allowed in the room with my son as they pulled his teeth. As I stood there in shock, they assured me that everything would be ok and it was a very simple procedure. That didn't make me feel any better.
I reluctantly left the room.

It's hard to believe these large teeth came out of my little baby's mouth. Next to the large eye teeth is one of his recent baby teeth.
Yesterday we had the procedure completed and the Cisco Kid is doing just fine. He is back in action.


  1. WHOAAAA!!! TCK had some huge teeth!! Poor little guy having to go through all of that--looks like he did great though! Hope he's feeling better today! (Isn't terrible how they don't let the parent come in...it is so nerve-racking and it almost boggles my mind that they can tell ME how it's going to be with MY child!!!??--Frustrating!)

  2. Poor Little Guy. Glad he is doing better. Wow good job on keeping it together when you couldn't stay in the room. I don't know how I would have handeled that.

  3. My Goodness those are some big teeth! I am glad that he is doing ok.

  4. I KNOW that was hard on YOU. I'm amazed he looked so cheerful before the procedure. He looks as though he's recouping well and getting lots of Mommy love. What I want to know though, are those teeth going to become a part of his Halloween costume now???

  5. WOW! I hate having my kids go through dental procedures it is the absolute worse wether you are in the room or not. I hope TCK is doing okay!

  6. Holy Cow! I didn't know they looked like that! Is it because they pulled them instead of them falling out on their own? Glad to hear he is doing so well!

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