Friday, October 16, 2009

Continuing Paper Mache Pumpkins

Yesterday I posted the recipe and instructions for the paper mache pumpkins. Here is the ending result.

Now that they are nice and dry I cut the 3 inch hole at the top and bottom. Pointed side up. By cutting the hole at the bottom they now sit nice and flat and you can put a candle in them. I recommend the little imitation batteries operated candles.
Cut face out with scissors or exacto knife.

Paint them orange. Two or three coats of paint will be needed.

After paint has fully dried, they were sealed with clear polyurethane spray
We painted the eyes black.

Stop over at Kellys Korner to see many more talented people.


  1. These are amazingly adorable and extremely clever. TCK did a great job and worked so hard too. Lots of fun! I can't remember....have I ever mentioned that you are a CRAZY crafty lady??? Yea, I think I have, so I won't today!! :) Ha! Ha! You blow my mind!!

  2. OH MY GOSH!!! I DID NOT SEE YOUR HYSTERICAL VIDEO until after I made my previous post. I CANNOT stop laughing!!! I love it!!! TCK is amazing in it and his family is a bunch of clowns, even though they seem to be trying to pull off the monster thing!!! Ha! Ha! You guys are a trip !! LOVE it---I will be watching it all day!

  3. I just showed my kids the video---they are cracking up laughing. Sooooooo funny!!!

  4. Those are SO cool! I really could have used those last year when we waited til the last minute to get pumpkins and all the good ones were gone. Of course, I probably still would have needed more time to let them dry! Would you say the paper mache is easier than carving real pumpkins?



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