Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sentences for words

Moms love to listen to their children do and say the most hilarious, imaginative things. This is where we can share it with others and have a good laugh. Join us in "What would your children say"? Wednesday.
Part of the Cisco Kids homework every week is putting a selection of words into a sentence. The sentences he was coming up with were so funny. He not only gave me these imaginative sentences, he emphasizing some of them to sound shocking, sweet and cute.

These are the words followed by his sentence.

animals - Oh!!! Look out for the animals, it’s a tiger.

birds - Soooo sweet, its birds.

cold - Yikes!!! It's cold out here.

fall - Yah!!! Its fall, now I can go trick or treating.

flowers - I will pick some flowers for my girlfriend.

full -I am full of sugar.

look - Look!!!! A shark is by our boat.

lots - I can’t stand it!! There are lots of emergencies.

Share with us about what do your children say?



  1. I love the picking flowers for his girlfriend one, how sweet! I love their imagainations at this age. Have a great Wednesday!

  2. Very impressive sentences! My favorite is "I am full of sugar."

  3. TCK is so cute with his expressions. The one with the shark by the boat makes me laugh because I remember you telling me the story of him going on the Jaws ride....he's still lookin' out for that shark!! Ha! Ha! Very funny!



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