Friday, November 13, 2009

Dinner and a fire

With our busy schedule we enjoy any family time we can get. One of our favorite moments are spending it in the yard with a roaring warm fire. We took our dinner outside and ate it in front of the fire. Afterwards we roasting marshmallows and made smores.

Putting out the fire before we go inside.



  1. I love those nights. We do that a lot in the summer. You obviously live somewhere warmer than I do, we would freeze doing a campfire now. It is in the 30s at night!!

  2. What a nice Backyard fire pit you guys have! Looks like a fun night!

  3. I totally understand, my husband and I often feel like sigle parents spilting up to take the kids here and there we really cherish the moments we are all together, like right now watching a movie all of us suggled on the couch!



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