Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wild imagination

Every Wednesday it's "What would your Children say?" Wednesday. As they get older their little minds have such vivid thoughts. It is so funny when they put those vivid thoughts into action.

On the night of the Boys Scout Camp out, we were all sitting around the fire and the boys were telling scary stories. The Cisco kid raised his hand wanting to tell a story. Before I could ask him what he was going to say, he was picked to tell his story. He told it like this.

Once upon a time there were boys sitting around a fire like this. And then, one of the boys got his leg cut and he started to bleed. And then, he cut his arm and it started to bleed. And then, he had to go to the hospital when a tornado came and there was a snake in the tornado. The tornado went away and left the snake and it bit the boy. Good thing they were close to the Hospital.

That was the Cisco kids version of a scary story. He left the entire group laughing with his wild imagination and you can tell he was making it up as he was going. He was so brave to get up in front of all those people he just met, and start telling his story with no real plan in mind.



  1. Ah, don't you love the stories that you don't get a chance to censor first! It was a good one! My little guys loves to tell stories too!

    Do you have the linky up? Mine is ready to go? Maybe I just missed it. Happy Wednesday!

  2. That WAS brave! Great imagination and story! That is my kind of scary story! I would much rather laugh than be scared!!

  3. What a great imagination he has. I do something similar on Thursday's called, "Things Kids Say". You should stop by and check it out!



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