Friday, October 23, 2009

There is nothing like receiving badges and awards to make a boy happy.

Last night we had our monthly Pack meeting for the Cub Scouts. The boys worked so hard to get all their requirements completed so they could get their Bobcat Badge. Not only did the Cisco Kid get his Bobcat Badge but he received the BB shooting Belt Loop, Archery Belt Loop, Bicycling Belt loop, Soccer Belt Loop, Soccer Sports Pin, Swimming Belt Loop, Art Belt Loop, Tiger Cub recognition badge and a Tiger Cub orange bed

The Cisco Kid getting all his awards.

The Chief pinning the Bobcat Badge on the Cisco Kid.

Now we are working on the Tiger Cub Badge requirements. Starting in November we will be working on "Making my family Special".


  1. I cannot wait till cub scouts. So cute !

  2. Way to go, CK!!! It looks like he did a lot of hard work and fun to earn those badges. Congratulations!!! The pictures are great!

  3. WOW! I'm really impressed! Job well done, CK. You are a good cub scout role model.



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