Monday, December 21, 2009

A night out with great friends.

Last night we went out to dinner at The Melting Pot with our dear friends. The Melting pot is a Fondue Restaurant. I happen to love the whole concept of Fondue. We had four courses of this wonderful food. We started out with a cheese fondue. Our friends had Cheddar mixed with beer we had swiss mixed with wine. This is served with cubed bread, a variety of vegetables and green apples. So, so good!!! Our second course was a wonderful salad. I have mixed greens with their raspberry vinaigrette dressing and Kimberly had their Cesar salad that she said was really good. The third Course was the main meal and they bring you the raw meat and fish cut into cubes. They offer several way you can cook it, either broth or oil. When you chose the oil method they give you two different kinds of batters you can dip your meat in and fry it. The both of us chose to batter our food and fry it. I am an old pro at the fondue technique. I ask for several extra fondue forks and get as much in the pot as I can fit. It cooks up in a couple of minutes and on to the next batch I go. With The meal they also serve raw vegetables, but my favorite vegetables are the mushroom caps. They have this wonderful cream cheese and chive mixture that you fill the mushroom cap with and dip it into the batter then fry it. They are soooooo good. The fourth course was the desert. It is off the charts good. We chose the cookies and cream chocolate fondue. It was chocolate and marshmallow that was FlambĂ©ed at the table. They topped it with Oreo cookies. Now comes the items in which to dip, cheese cake, strawberries, bananas, brownies, pound cake, rice Krispies treats, chocolate and vanilla marshmallows. Like I said… off the charts good to the last drop!!!! This was such a wonderful night. I just hope our friends enjoyed it as much. Even thought they had to cook their own food at the restaurant.

The whole dinner experience lasted three hours. It certainly fly’s by when you’re with good company. To top off this great evening Kimberly’s mom gave me the cutest ornament dedicated to me and my cookies. I love Christmas ornaments and this one was so perfect.
Thank you so much Sandy I absolutely love it.


  1. great seeing all my friends together. loved the ornament from sandy - can't help but to love a gingerbread all looked festive and it sure looked fun and yummy. i'll have to go to the melting pot here one of these years.

  2. What a fun night is was, indeed! The food was delicious and the company was even better. It was great to try something new, and we are glad we had pros to help us get the full experience! Thanks for inviting us to join you and thanks for the delicious cookie treats!! They are DIVINE. You worked so hard to make so many!! You need to start your own bakery. All future Cherry Tree photos published on this blog must seek prior looks like I ate everyone's plate of food instead of just my own!!! :) Great night!

  3. Looks like you all had a wonderful night of eating and fun. This morning my grandchildren brought me a special delivery from the "Cookie Queen". We were thrilled to receive your beautifully packaged cookies and even more thrilled to try them out. YUM - There was such a large variety all looking super delicious and beautiful, too! It made me feel so special to receive them. You are such a thoughtful, remarkable person. Thank you, thank you!
    Merry Christmas!



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