Sunday, February 21, 2010

A parent could not be any prouder!!!

We had our Blue and Gold Ceremonies at the National Guard Armory on Saturday. 
As we walked in the door the head, Committee Chairman asked if the Cisco Kid would represent the Cub Scout Den and read a small paragraph on stage with five other ranking members. I looked over the paragraph to make sure it was in his reading level. There was only one word that he will have to concentrate on and that was, program. We said yes!!!

The paragraph the Cisco Kid read.....Scouting is a program for young men and boys which is much bigger than just people who are Scouts. When we join together, we are able to do more and be more than just ourselves.
The Cisco Kid did so great and the Chief and I could not be more proud.

They have invited a marine to speak. He talked about how the scouts have helped him in his life and how proud he is to have had the experience.
The Cub Scouts were first to receive their badges. This part of the ceremonies I am to paint a line on each finger that represents the five achievements and their journey to become a Cub Scout.  
Once their hands were painted, the boys were awarded their badges and the parents pined their scout.
This portion of the ceremonie was the journey and moving from Cub Scouts on to Boy Scouts. It is also known as the Arrow of light.

The boys were blindfolded and lead to the stage by their parents. Their parents then removed the blindfold. At the other end of the stage was the Boy Scouts ready to welcome them into their pack. Each boy was called to cross over the bridge. This signified the boys have completed the Arrow of light and are now crossing over to become a Boy Scout.    
 This bridge is such a treasure. One of the den leaders made this wonderful contribution to the pack.

He has put three significant emblems on the bridge. The emblems showed the start with Cub Scouts and the boys journey following the arrow of light through the cross over to the Cub Scouts. You can plainly see that allot of thought and work went into building this bridge.
 This bridge is so detailed that many words that the boys stand for were engraved into the wood. The first plank the Den leader had every boy who was crossing over sign the back of the plank. Hopefully every year when the new den crosses over they will sign it as well. 
This is our new Cub Master being sworn in.
As soon as all the awards were completed there was a great dinner planed. There was shredded pork, chicken, chicken legs, string beans, potatoes and garlic bread. It was such a memorable experience for our family.


  1. Congratulations to TCK. His troop has done so well with their scouting adventures. The cross-over bridge was awesome.

  2. Very cool! We also had our B & G ceremony this weekend. Very similar to our ceremony. My husband is now the assistant Scout Master!

  3. What a wonderful ceremony and I can see why you are so very proud of TCK! I would have had tears in my eyes. That bridge is really much work must have gone into making that, with all of the words carved onto each slat. Amazing! Congratulations to TCK for earning his badges this year!



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