Friday, February 26, 2010

Ten times larger!!!

Last night our Cub Scout activity was about geology. Now that the boys have completed their Cub Scout requirements and have their badge, we are going to do different things. We are going to start out with Geology. Once we complete this section, the boys will get their geology belt loop. I collected lots of different mosses, rocks, fungus, plants and bugs. We looked at it all under a Microscope. The boys were so amazed how different everything looked. They got very adventurous. One of the boys wanted to look at his finger under the Microscope. Instead, I cut off a piece of his fingernail and we looked at it. They were so curious and amazed that a nail would look like a scaly bone. It was so funny to see their response.
Here we are waiting for the rest of the den to arrive. 
All the different kinds of earth items the boys saw, stagnated water, spanish tree moss, moss that grows on a rock, burnt wood, air moss, fungus growing on a stick, a weed, pollen on a leaf, wood mushroom fungus, rocks, a spider and a silver fish. 
They could not get enough of everything they saw. They want to do it again next week. But this time, I am having all the boys bring in something from home that they want to see under the microscope 



  1. My son was never in scouts but it sure looks like they have a lot of fun.

  2. Looks like a wonderful activity! When I was growing up, microscope activities were always some of my favorite. I STILL love it! Bet the kids had a blast! :)



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