Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A taste of Spring!!!!

The past two days we have had a taste of spring. The temperatures have been in the high sixties and low seventies. After two months, I finally got out in my back yard where it is usually in full bloom. I have lush green plants and flowers growing all over the yard. I love living in Florida because everything blooms all year long. This time last year, all my lily and tulip bulbs were starting to grow. Due to the hard freezes, I have nothing growing. The plants that were hit the hardest are my palm trees. I have tons of work ahead of me to get everything back in shape. I know I cannot compare Florida to most of the country with the horrendous snowstorms. Hopefully the weather will stay worm.
I didn't think Pompas grass could freeze...Hummmm



  1. Several of our shrubs got hit pretty hard by the freeze too. We are waiting for them to grow out another week or two so they don't go into shock...hopefully they will be okay. I say, in a few more weeks, your yard will be all "Springy" again! :)

  2. Oh, I hope everything comes back and it is lush and green in no time. I am excited to get into our garden and see green come through the ground. It is my afvorite part of spring!

  3. I would take those temps in a heart beat. Here in Wisconsin we are still buried in snow and the temp is about 10 degrees. I think it's time for a southern vacation!



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