Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another Easter party item completed.

Today I needed to do one more thing for the class Easter party. Make cupcakes!!!!

I never know what flavor cupcakes to bring to school. I know the children will eat any kind of cake. Since it is a Easter party for them I do want them to have what they prefer. I would feel badly if someone preferred chocolate over vanilla and vice versa. There are too many children in the class to consider bringing enough so they could make a choice. I decided to make a batch of vanilla and a batch of chocolate. Then I filled each cupcake tin with 1/2 of each flavor. Problem solved!!!!!

I decorated them with icing piped leaves and a Peep on top. My favorite part of Easter candy are the peep's. Love them!!! I even love them when they are stale. Yup!!!! Stale and chewy.

1 comment:

  1. CUPCAKES!!!! My FAVORITE!!! And they look so festive and pretty! I wish I had your energy and creativity! Fabulous! Put these in your Family Heritage Cookbook for when TCK has children of his own, he or his wife can make these for your grandchildren!!! YUMMY!



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