Monday, March 22, 2010

Anxiously waiting!!!!

Over the weekend, we had a fun play date. I am going to post many pictures of these little ones so their mom can see how much fun they had. Their mom has not seen her two children since March 6th. She has been in Russia adopting their new beautiful addition to their family. They have been in the process of adopting their European princess for four months. Her family here is anxiously waiting for their new sister to come home. It looks like it might be another week before she gets to come home.  You can read more about her adventures.  Our lives adventures
It is so nice now that it is staying light later. They came over and played inside for about an hour. We then had pizza. After pizza they all went outside and played with the vehicles. They have some great imaginations. The emergency scenarios were so funny. They were making believe they were going to a fire then the fire truck broke down and the John deer came to the rescue. The john deer had to follow the fire engine to make sure it would not break down again.

The fire truck broke down and The Cisco Kid is on the job.
His little helper along for the ride.
The Cisco Kid is on the radio trying to worn the fire truck there is a problem.
They pulled into the repair station they set up with signs.
After a very exhausting time fighting fires, repairing the fire truck and racing around to save everyone they were hungry for some cookies, and cookies they got. It was a very fun play date. 



  1. Thank you for posting so many pictures!! I miss them so much!!! pray for court this week so I can come home :) :)
    thank you!!

  2. Looks like an fabulous and very imaginative play date! Everyone is enjoying the fresh air and warmth! I am wishing Nan and Dan great success with their adoption and journey back home. I am sure it must be so very exciting! Loved all of the pictures!



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