Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter Party!!!!

When it comes to children, there is always a party celebration on the horizon. Easter is one of those big celebrations that everyone loves to enjoy. I have been planning my son’s class Easter party for about a month. His class will enjoy a game, craft and egg hunt. I will start out the party with them making a bunny bag to collect Easter eggs. They will also try to guess how many jellybeans there are in eight different jars. I got different size jars / bottles so the numbers are very different. In two jars I mixed up some gummies, candy corn with the jellybeans so it makes thing very interesting.

When these kids find out they will have a chance to win one of these jars felled with jellybeans they are going to flip. I needed to make this very organized or with 19 excited children, it could get very ugly very fast. I labeled all jars alphabetically. Then on the matching large egg, I wrote the number of jellybeans on the back. Each small egg represents a child in the class. That child will tell me how many jellybeans they think are in the jars. I will write it down and whoever comes closest will win. The second closest will win a baggie with 20 beans in it. The third place will win a baggie with 10 beans. Every child will be a winner.
Now for the craft!!! The bunny bag… I used white self adhesive foam board for the bunny face.
Then I cut a tie out of blue foam board. With the leftover white foam board, I cut small circles to fill in the center of the tie. I used pink paper for the ears and whiskers. Use black paper for the nose and eyes. 
This will be the only thing they will have to cut out.
Glue all parts on with a glue stick.
Lastly stick the bunny to the bag.
I can’t forget they will end the party with cupcakes and juice. I will make a post of the party on Friday. 



  1. Looks like a fun party! I can't believe Easter is just a week away. Have a great weekend!

  2. I want to submit my guess for a jelly bean jar! My favorite Easter candies are the CLASSIC jelly beans. Yum. You put a lot of thought into this party and it looks like it will be a great one. I'm sure TCK's class will have a ball.

  3. Great project idea! You spent so much of your own time creating this event for the kids. They are so lucky to have you for a homeroom mom!



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