Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Leapin leprechaun's!!! They are up to their funny little tricks.

If it weren’t for one of my friend making a post about St Patrick’s day and what she had planned for her children’s surprise visit from a leprechaun, I would have forgotten all about it.

First thing this morning I was running around trying to gather some items. I had to place an order for some cookies because there was none left. Then I called a party store and had them set some gold coins aside for me. It was a good thing I called because when I got there someone had taken all they had.

When the children went to lunch. Mom leprechaun went into the class and set each desk up with some goodies. I couldn't leave without playing some tricks. I tipped over a chair or two. I put some coats up high on hooks and I turned the tissue boxes upside down.

Happy St Patrick's day!!!!


  1. Perfect!! Those cookies look pretty delicious! I bet they enjoyed the surprise visit from the sneaky leprechaun and his treats and pranks! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  2. P.S. LOVE the new portraits of TCK and family on your home page!! Very handsome!

  3. Love your pics, very nice! You are quite the sneaky little leprechaun! That's great and it certainly gave the kids something to talk about, I'm sure!

  4. Love the new family photos ... nice poses... especially the one of TCK sitting down. He looks so grown up. Where do you go to get your portraits taken?

    Apparently, that leprechaun was a busy fella yesterday. I heard tell that he brought his treats and played his pranks in my grand children's classes as well. I'm wondering who enjoyed it more, the leprechaun or the children?!!



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