Monday, March 15, 2010

Against all odds

When we first heard about the Pinewood Derby, we thought! It’s our first year in the race, let’s just have some fun picking out the style and making the best car that we know how. The three of us talked about not expecting to win the race because there are boys that are more experienced in racing and competing. The Cisco Kid had his heart set on making a fire engine. As soon as I heard that, my first thought was we defiantly have no chance in winning at all. The aerodynamics of a fire engine is like trying to push an open umbrella into the wind. We had our first race with our Scout pack. The Cisco Kids Fire truck weighed in at 4.6 oz. We raced!!!! and against all odds, we came in second place in our den and we came in second place in our pack. Shocking!!!!! Those wins made us qualify to race in the district. Wow!!! We had our district race yesterday and we were allowed to make a few adjustments to the truck. The Chief added more weight so it could weigh in at exactly 5 oz. and add graphite to the wheels. The Cisco Kid raced against thirteen Tiger Cubs. He raced in four races and came in 1st place twice and second place twice. Amazing!!!! Overall, he came in second place and winning a ribbon. That made him eligible to race in the regionals.
These three friends won in our pack.
All these cars were very fast. Thank goodness for the counter that lets you know who came in first, second, third and fourth place. Most of the cars won by a hair.
These are the weight changes we made to the Truck.
A row of weights were added to the bumper
Two small pads of weights were added to the front.
There are five requirements the Pinewood Derby cars must meet. 1, the car must be made out of wood. 2, the car must not weigh over 5 oz. 3, the wheels must be BSA certified. 4, the axles must be nails not a solid axle. 5, fit inside the certified box.


  1. Congrats to TCK! This looks like it was a lot of fun. His fire truck looks awesome.

  2. Way to go CK!!! Truly AMAZING for a first timer! Love your truck! You did a great job!



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