Monday, March 1, 2010

Work Hard and Play Hard!!!

Yesterday we started out our day in the backyard cleaning out all the dead plants. We loaded and dumped about 30 small trailer loads of leaves in a wooded area on our property. We had a massive burn pile burning all day. Florida has these terrible plants called palmetto bushes and they are so hard to get rid of. Every year the chief attacks them a little bit at a time. The only way to get rid of them is by pulling out the very large root that is crazy strong. The chief got out his chain saw and started cutting them down. The crazy thing is we are not even half way done. Still lots of palm tree branches to trim and shrubs to cut back.
My Tough Guy!!!
Later that day we went outside, not to work but to let the Cisco Kid play. He was so helpful picking up leaves and dumping them in the woods.  We are ready to fall down and he is still going full speed jumping on his trampoline!!!!!

   Then some of our friends came over to play. These kids can really play hard. 

The Cisco Kid was four years old when we got him this swing set.  It is starting to get small for him.  We have decided that we are going to build The Cisco Kid a tree house in its place. He has wanted one for a couple of years.

After a hard day of work and play, I was not going to cook. The Chief went out for Chinese and of course, the Cisco Kid had to have Mc Donald’s.


  1. We needed to do what you all did this weekend and clean up our yard from winter damage too, but haven't gotten to it yet...hopefully soon! I sure wish I had even half the energy that TCK and my kids have after working so hard. Wouldn't that be nice?! Looks like a really fun day, and good that you were able to skip cooking and have some delicious Chinese food! YUMMY!

  2. Souhds like a nice spring-like day. I can't wait to get out into our yard. The snow is slowly melting and the temps are warming up. i hope it won't be long!



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