Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A 41 year old pet rock.

Yesterday I posted about a pet rock the Cisco Kid made during his cub scout meeting. Later that evening I received an e-mail from my Father in law and Mother in law. They sent some pictures of a pet rock the Chief made when he was The Cisco Kids age. First.... It is so cute. Second.... I cannot believe they saved it for over forty years. Now I am going to put the Cisco Kid's in a safe place so there will be two generations of Father and Son's pet rocks.  Very, Funny!!!!!

I showed the Chief's pet rock to the Cisco Kid and he said.  WOW!!!! 
Grandma holding the pet rock.
The underside of the pet rock.
This was very cute!!!! Thanks so much Grandma and Grandpa for sharing. 


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  1. This is adorable and I love that The Chief's mom saved his project after so many years. Sounds like something I would do! I am glad you're keeping TCK's too now!



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