Monday, April 19, 2010

Cub scouts and their Pet Rock!!!

We only have a few more meetings left. I wanted to end the year where all the boys received at least one pin. This was the last project we had to complete before the boys received their geology pin. We made pet rocks. I gathered rocks, mulch and leaves from outside. I also made some smile faces and eye's. I threw some coffee filters in the mix. I was skeptical at first thinking that they would not be able to make a pet rock out of those items. They all shocked me. Their imaginations were so cute and they made it work.
 The Cisco Kid couldn't make up his mind on what his pet rock would be so he made two different faces. He decided he didn't want a pink simile face so he colored the lips black and said it was a mustache.
One of the bays saw a dinosaur in this funny shaped rock.
The Girls also got involved. 


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  1. I think this project looks fun! We might have to try it out in our den or if not then, perhaps maybe over the summer with just the kids. I think they would enjoy it! Thanks for sharing!



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