Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Shabby Chic Inspirations

I am all moved into my booth at Sugar Bear Antique Mall. A friend of mine introduced this mall to me about four years ago. I have always loved having a booth and now I am back. It's located on Julington Creek Rd. in Jacksonville, FL My booth number is #34.  
Shelving is always needed when you have an antique booth. So last week I got two folding doors so I could attach some shelving to it. Here is how these two doors turned out.
We started bringing items into the mall on Saturday. Since I have several large furniture item, I hade to make a couple of trips. We dropped off the door shelves and the black drop leaf table.
As you can see in the pictures above there is no black drop leaf table.   I went in the mall late Sunday afternoon to bring some more item and they had already sold the black drop leaf table. About a half hour after we got home from decorating the booth, I received a call from Sugar Bears letting me know that my white desk sold. WOW!!!!  
 Monday I brought in some more furniture to fill up the blank spot.
This is what it looks like righ now.  I have some more plans for it by the end of the week. 
I will start an etsy account shortly.



  1. It's looking really good! You have a lot of cute things! I was eyeing that desk too as soon as I saw the photos, so it doesn't surprise me that it sold so quickly. I am going to have to get on the special early notice list! Ha! Ha!

  2. What a great booth. Too bad I live in California, or I would visit. I love the shelves you made. I love your blog, always exciting. I have made some of your yummy recipes. They are always a hit at our house :)



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