Friday, May 14, 2010

It's all over!!!

Soccer, Cub Scouts and Sparks are over until Spring.  I can say I am so glad.  Now we could relax for a few weeks until the summer activities start again.

We had our last Soccer game this past Wednesday.  The awards were given out and then we had an ice cream party.

The coaches were so kind to give all the boys their own adidas sports bag. 
The trophy he just received.
He has been playing Soccer for the past three seasons.  He loves his collection of tropies. 


  1. Isn't is so nice to be free of activities?!! We are getting there soon, and I can't wait! Why do we do this to ourselves??? Ha! Ha! Congratulations on a great season, CK, and your trophies are awesome! :)

  2. Oh I will be glad too! If the rain holds off this weekend will be our last. Nice trophy collection. I know that is what bring Mason back season after season. Have a nice weekend!



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