Monday, July 26, 2010

Off to see Mickeys Ears at Disney and much more.

 Over the next few days you will see our last minute vacation. We thought we were not going to take a vacation this summer because of my husband’s job. But Tuesday the Chief came home and told me he was able to get a few days off. Since we didn't have much time to plan our trip, we knew that we were going to spend our time in Orlando Florida. I immediately went into high gear and started getting a room reserved for the weekend. We always stay on Disney's grounds at the Shades of Green, but because I was making reservations so late there was nothing available. The Shades of Green booking agent told us that all Disney resorts were offering military 40% off all rooms. I didn't want to get to excited they also might be booked. After finding several resorts were booked I tried one last time and had them check the Wilderness lodge. YES!!! They had a room!!! That made my day!!! I love staying on Disney’s grounds. This time around we are not going to any of the Disney parks. But staying at one of the Disney resorts is like being at Disney. They put on a show in its self. We decided this time around we were going to take advantage of some of the other parks in Orlando. We planned on going to Universal Studios, SeaWorld and Aquatica.

Our first sighting of Mickey Mouse!! The Cisco Kid noticed on our Navigation System the lake that looked like Mickey.
As the Chief was checking in The Cisco Kid and I decided to roam around the lobby.  This is a totem pole with all Disney Characters.   
They had a hot spring bubbling out of the lobby floor with a walking bridge going over it. 
Everything in this lobby was so big and very rustic looking.  It really gave you the feeling you were in a great lodge in the west. 
We got to our room and The Cisco Kid was so excited about the bunk beds. He was on top of the world.
Every night the housekeepers left us a little towel animal.  So Cute!!
I was excited when I saw the view from our balcony.  We were on the sixth floor and now I was on top of the world.   
Since we were so tired from driving in and the Restaurant at the lodge looked so good we decided to eat there. We only had to wait about a half hour for a table. Time flew by because they had a very large table full of Lincoln Logs so the kids could build till their hearts content. 
A meal fit for a Cow Girl.  Pot roast with mashed potatoes and vegetable medley with peas yellow squash and carrots.  It was so good and the meat was so tender.  Loved It!!!!!
A meal fit for a Cow Boy. The Chief said this was awesome. It came with corn bread and the best salad.  The salad was so good I forgot to take a picture.   I tasted the beans and they were so delish!!!
It was a long day and we got done eating dinner around 8:30 p.m. so we were very tired.  We went straight to our room and enjoyed relaxing, because we knew the next day was Universal Studios and we were going to have another long day.  Until tomorrows post, the second part of our vacation. Have a great evening.                    



  1. Oh, that looks like a great way to start a vacation! We have been to Wilderness to walk through and eat at the lunch cafe area, and the building is really cool! Those hot springs are pretty neat, and my kids loved them too! Great idea for Disney to put those Lincold Logs out to not only help keep the kids entertained, but also match the theme! Yummy dinner! :) Can't wait to see more!

  2. I'd never seen the Wilderness Lodge. It looked awesome, your meals spectacular, and the view from your room was wonderful. Now I'm anxious to see what you did at Universal that might be different than what we just did. I'll be tuning in to see these posts for sure.



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