Friday, July 30, 2010

Our Last Day of our Summer Vacation!

Our last day on our summer vacation didn't turn out as planned. Yesterday I posted about the wonderful refreshing day we spent at Aquatica Water Park. The day before I posted about our Universal Studio visit and how hot it was. We were truly on the verge of heat exhaustion. On our last day we had plans on going to SeaWorld. We weren't real thrilled with the heat and waiting in the long lines again. As we were getting ready to go to SeaWorld we were listening to the news.  The weather report comes on and they said the temperatures were going to be 105 degrees. At that moment we decided not to go. We will use our SeaWorld tickets another time when the weather isn't so hot. I think the Chief and I both sighed at the same time. We were able to take our time and have a nice breakfast at the Wilderness Lodge, where we were staying.

Now that we are not rushing to get out of the hotel we enjoyed the morning scenery out our balcony. As soon as we opened the doors we saw a plane sky righting God's message. I have always been amazed on how skilled a pilot must be to write something in the sky.
Every night the housekeeper left us a different towel animal.  Very cute!!!1

We went down for breakfast and the Cisco Kid is reading the morning paper.  I wish the News Papers would print News Papers just for kids.  The Cisco Kid would totally be into it. 
It was time to ride the horse.  They got all the kids in a line and handed them a horse on a stick so they could gallop around the restaurant to music.  Very Cute!!!!
It was nice and relaxing just taking our time. 
I'll let you know when we decide to take our SeaWorld trip.  The Cisco Kid was about two and a half the last time he was there, and I know he would enjoy it.  
Have a great Weekend!!! 



  1. That heat truly can be a real downer, so you guys probably made the right decision to skip Sea World for some easy relaxation time. It's always nice to take you time and enjoy where you are. The little horse parade looks cute! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us. I enjoyed it!



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