Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Second Day of our Orlando Vacation

Aquatica here we come!!!! The first day of our vacation was lots of fun but it was so HOT!!! We made plans to go to SeaWorld. After being in the heat all day we couldn't stand a second day of waiting in hot lines. It took us all about two seconds to switch our days around and head to Aquatica where we could be in the cool water all day. We have been to Disney’s Blizzard Beach and Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon in the past and I thought those water parks were great.  We now have a new water park that we love. Aquatica!!!!! Yes, this is our favorite water park. They have two lazy rivers. One of them is very lazy. You just float around on a tube. The second is great. It has jets that shoot you through the water with waterfalls and water sprays throughout the river. Fun! Fun! Fun! We spent at least three hours going around and around on that. Their wave pool is nothing like Typhoon Lagoons but For the Cisco Kid it is very age appropriate. The large kid area was lots of fun with all the working water toys. This gave the Chief and me a chance to sit and watch The Cisco Kid play.   
Before dinner we took a small stroll around the hotel grounds to see some of the sights and then we took the boat over to Grand Floridian for Dinner.

 The Wilderness’s Hotel has a man made geyser. It sprays so hard and if the wind are just right it will spray into the hotel rooms.  We never saw it at it's finest. 



  1. Now, you know how I feel about water parks, but your pictures have me more interested! Sounds like a lot of fun without the whole park being water thrill areas, which is not our style, as you know! :) Curious what the need for life vests was for? Do they require it or were you just being cautious? Love dinner at The Grande Floridian!! So yummy! The grounds look beautiful at the hotel!

  2. 2 lazy rivers? That sounds so nice. I found I really like lazy rivers. This day did look totally refreshing. TCK looked like he was having a GREAT day.



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