Friday, July 9, 2010

What a day!!!!!

Entertaining the kids for summer!

Today we went to the Children’s Museum. The Cisco Kid and his friend’s could have played there all day. This is a great place where they could interact in business situations. They have a veterinary hospital, Bank, Post office, police station, supermarket, train station, restaurant, little theater, kid’s radio, fire truck and so much more.

The Veterinarian seemed to be their favorite. They played the longest at this business.  
Winn Dixie donated this grocery store in miniature size. This was my favorite. 
Fire Truck
Police Station: They played cops and robbers.
The Post Office: He loved delivering all the packages to the mails bins for sorting.
Today was the Cisco Kids first guitar Lesson. He thought the teacher was so cool. The teacher was on the Rock and roll side and that is what the Cisco Kid wants to be, a rock and roll star. It’s nice to be a kid and have all those dreams!!!!
Have a great Weekend!


  1. It's always a fun day at The Children's Museum! I know my favorite part would have been the veterinary area as well, but you're right, the grocery is cool too. So cute, TCK playing his cool guitar. Hope he likes it! Ainsley found it difficult compared to piano, but she only took for the summer, so really can't say for sure. Great post! :)

  2. stopping by from comment club!

    I love the mini supermarket, so cute!

  3. We take our little ones to the Children's museum every year till they hit 3rd grade. The kids absolutely love it. I don't believe there is a Vets office though. I thought that was the cutest idea. The station that seems to get the most foot traffic is the supermarket. It always stays busy.



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