Monday, July 12, 2010

If one more thing breakes, I'm going to scream!!!!!

I spent most of today hanging around the house because our septic system is not working properly. We called a company that deals with septic systems and here is what he found.
He started digging all the grass and dirt off the lid of the tanks. As he was digging he showed us the water bubbling out of the lid.  
The water was rushing in so fast that the hole filled up with water before he was done removing all the dirt off the lid
Once he got the lid off he told me that the pump was probably burnt out and that is the reason the tank was full of water.  
The water was flowing in from the other tank. 
He got his hose and pumped out all the water so he could replace the pump. 
The Cisco Kid wanted to feel like he was part of the construction crew. He ran and got his helmet.
I let the Cisco Kid look inside the hole and once he did he smelt how nasty it was. He couldn't put down his face guard fast enough. Like that would really help.

Once he was all done pumping out the water he found that the bottom was full of dirt. It seems that the tank has a crack in it and has to be replaced.  


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  1. What a bummer! That's just what you need, right?? TCK always comes to the rescue! If he doesn't end up being some type of rescue worker as an adult, I will be amazed. Hope the problem gets fixed soon.



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