Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Animal Kingdom Disney

We have been to Animal Kingdom in the summer and again on spring break last year.  We always left the park early because of the heat.  It seems that this park is the hottest.  I think it is because of the foliage is so overgrown it won’t allow and breeze or circulating air.  This time when we went the weather was much cooler and it made a very pleasant day in the park.  We covered allot of ground and saw things we never did before.   
The Tree of Life!
This tree is in the center of the park and it is carved in detail with alimal life.  

 Our first stop was Afirca! 
We took the ride that travels through the Serengeti plains.  It amazes me that all these animals live together with no barricades.  And we are traveling through the land with nothing between us and them.

They call this the upside down tree.  Nine months out of the year this tree has no leaves.   It stores water for the dry season. 

 White Rhino's
YUP!!!! Lions and Tigers.
After a morning filled with animals we needed something to eat.  We went to the Yak and Yeti restaurant.  It was good.  I needed a meal with vegetables. 

We saw these large bats.  They were kind of gross. 

 Were off to another section of the park.
 Dino Land!!!

A Dinosaur ride!  The story is, A scientist wants to bring back a dinosaur from the past.  So we need to capture it and bring it back to the future.     As you can see The Sysco Kid has his eyes covered the whole time.  It was very loud and dark, with glimpses of large dinosaurs.
 There is an amusment section of the park and they have smaller rides.  The Cisco Kid decided he wanted to go on this one. 
I was able to take some pictures on this rollercoaster because it didn't have every part of your body strapped in like the Manta at Sea World. 

 We always like seeing the play, Nemo. 

Back at the hotel room the Chief and The Cisco Kid are in their element building a wooden helicopter.


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