Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cub Scout Halloween party

This is the first year we have has several Halloween parties. Cub Scout Halloween Party, 2nd grade Halloween party and a friends Halloween party. over the next few day I am going to post about each one of them. I am going to start off by posting about the Cub Scout Halloween Party.

Something happens to boys when you fill a room with them dressed in costumes They become the character they dressed up as. It was funny watching them all. The Cisco Kid dressed up as a police officer and he tried to arrest all the goulash goblins all night long. He wanted to keep everyone in order by not playing the games I had planed but to supervise each one of them. I had to step in and chill him out and make him play the games.

The theme of the party was based on the Minute to win it Challenges.

There were two favorite games the boys had. This was one of them. This was called, Face the Cookie. They had to start the cookie on their forehead and only using their facial muscles, move the cookie into their mouth.   

He was very motivated knowing he could eat the game. 

This was the other favorite game.  It is called the Candelier.  They had to stack cans five high starting with one can on the bottom working their way up to five.  Great balancing Cisco Kid!!!

This game is called Breakfast Scramble.  I took some cereal boxes and cut them up in 10 pieces and they had to put them together like a puzzle. 
Next was the Majic Carpet Ride.  They had to put their knees and hands on the rug and inch across the floor as fast as they could go just like and inch worm. 
After all the challenges it was time for them to get all sugared up.  The loaded their own caramel covered apples with all kinds of toppings. 

I think the moms had just as much fun. 
 These tasty morsels were so good dipping them in the chocolate fountain. 
 Even though the chocolate was red it was vanilla flavored. 

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