Sunday, October 24, 2010

Part two of our visit to Sea World

Many Characters to take photos with.
A continuation from yesterdays post about our day at Sea World. 
As I was saying in my last post,  Sea world had a Spooktacular event going on all day with many things to do. 
 The map of all the activities.
 Then we went to Atlanta,  We love all the fish. 
 The Kraken rolercoaster was our favorite.  We rode that one twice. 
As we were walking to the next attraction we had to stop and see these guys perform their acrobatic tricks. 
  This is the show Clyde and Seamore take the pirate island.
  These two were just hanging out watching the show
The park has changed allot since we have been there many years ago.  I want to post a map to see how much it changes in the future.

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