Thursday, December 2, 2010

Enjoying Grandma and Grandpa's visit.

As I was carving the turkey and putting all the leftovers away, I made sure I got the wish bone out so he Cisco Kid could make a wish.  The next day the wish bone was ready to make a wish on.  The Cisco Kid and grandma had some pretty wonderful wishes.  The wish bone broke in The Cisco Kids favor.
The Cisco Kid wished a little girl Geri would get her casts of her legs soon. She goes to school with him.  She has club feet and her family along with the doctors has been working for months to straighten her feet out.

The Cisco Kid asked grandma what her wish was and grandma said she wishes Susie would get better. The Cisco Kid said oh yea! I'm sure from the expression on his face he wished that was also one of his wishes. 

Grandma wished that her daughter would get better. She found out she has breast cancer and has had a hard time with chemotherapy. She lives 14 hours away from her parents.

I believe both of their wishes will come true.

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