Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sitting down to Thanksgivings feast.

After the Turkey was carved and everything was on the table we were ready to eat.  But first we have to take some pictures. 

Grandma and the Cisco Kid were inseparable.  I snatched him away for just a moment so I could have him take a picture with me.

 The Dinner is on the table and ready to be eaten. 
After taking a break for a couple of hours to rest we still were not done.  We had to complete the meal with dessert.   
Here the Chief and his father find a little R&R on the porch reading their Nooks. 
We had the dessert table filled with all the dessert's. Apple pie, Coconut cream pie, Banana cream pie, pecan pie, Key lime pie, fresh fruit, mixed nuts, chocolate dipped apricots, pineapple and cherries & Apple cider.



  1. All of your Thanksgiving blogs are super!! I love looking at all that you did! Your table looked beautiful and your dinner looked delicious!! I've been enjoying seeing your preparations. All of the crystal and glass on the dessert table was lovely, and your desserts look heavenly. Seems like you guys had a very memorable time with your family! LOVE your pictures! On to the next event!.....:)



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