Friday, July 24, 2009

The Balloon Ride

The balloon ride was allot of fun. We flew 400 feet up in the air. It was a helium filled balloon that was tethered to a pulley. It would release so we could go up. The view was great. Other than the wind picking up a little and causing the balloon to drift off center, it was a mellow ride. I could see the possibility of that ride getting scary if the wind picked up. This is worth trying.

epcot on the right in the distance.
This is where the balloon is tethered to the pulley.
The landing pad.
The landing pad 400 feet in the air.

After the balloon ride we went to the Rain Forest for dinner.
Dinner was really very good.

This was a cute little train. The Cisco Kid loved riding it.

These are a couple of games they have at Disney Quest. I have to say I really didn't like the place. Its a very, very large game place. Five stories of games to be exact.
The guys are riding a Buzz Lightyear bumper cars. These cars could pick up rubber ball that they had scattered around and the passenger "gunner" could put them in a shoot and shoot them at another car. They said it was a blast. You see the Cisco Kid driving.
My cybermen playing a virtual game.

Tomorrow we plan on spending the day at epcot. We'll see what adventures we can do there.



  1. Although your balloon ride looks amazing, since I am afraid of heights, even your photos are scaring me! sure were up high! At least it was tethered. See what I mean about Disney Quest? I had the same impression...didn't make me want to go back, glad we had passes. Rain Forest Cafe is always great! Your dinner looked delicious! Glad you all are having fun!

  2. The balloon ride and the views it offered you made for a really great adventure! Now I'm hungry after looking at your meals at the Rainforest Cafe. Can't wait to see what you all discover today.



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