Saturday, July 25, 2009

Our day at epcot

This morning we went to epcot. It was hot today. Disney is real good about making the wait lines cooler by having A/C blasting. It wasn't that crowded and the longest wait time was 30 minutes.

Here are a couple of attraction. The Cisco Kid was so excited he met the height requirement so he could ride Test Track. This was a great ride. Not only was it a great ride, but it was very informational. It informed us on how every aspect of the cars are tested for safety and reliability.

We were behind this car. We are going to go through their tests for brakes, suspension, acceleration etc.
The three of us are in the front seat and the Cisco Kid is covering his eyes because their was a trucks headlights headed for us.
The attraction, The Seas with Nemo & Friends is so cute.

Tomorrow we are off to Blizzard Beach.


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  1. Well, you knew it would be hot, but good to know it didn't spoil the day. The test track must have so much fun! None of us have ever been on it! Glad TCK was able tomeet the requirements! Being at Blizzard Beach will be nice since you will keep cool in the water.....wishing we were there! :) Have fun!



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