Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weight Loss

OK. This is not an excuse, but my house has been a zoo lately. I don’t know what it has been about this month but everyone and their brother has been drooping in for a visit. Don’t get me wrong I love having the open door policy in my house. It’s just not helping my diet. When we have guests, I feel it is very important to always make our guests feel at home, and we do that by always putting food on the table. No matter what time of day or night it is. So let me get to the point. I weighed in Monday morning and total lost is 6 pounds. Not as much as I would have hoped for but on the bright side I didn’t gain 6 pounds. I will be posting updated information on my workout and meals in 15-minute meals and D.I.E.T.? Please don't eat the daisies.



  1. Well six pounds is good. Like you said it could have gained 6 lbs. My husband did that thing that came on TLC 1 year ago called "I Can Make You Thin" He has lost over 123 lbs so far doing that.

  2. Are you kidding me? 6 pounds in a months time is awesome--hasn't it been a month? Remember how you wanted to lose nice and steady...not too fast or you will go crazy depriving yourself? Well, I think you did a great job...especially considering the holiday and company visiting. Hooray for you! Smile, be proud of yourself, and keep up the good work! :)



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