Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"What would you children say?" Wednesday

This is the second post on the funny, hilarious and everything else in between, "What would your children say?" Wednesday. If you don't have a kid, feel free to post something about your furry four legged friends!

Let me set the stage for you. Every night we have the same routine. The Cisco Kid gets a choice of a desert. Then he gets a bath in our big tub. He just about uses it like a pool, playing with all his toys and watching TV. Once he has his bath and brushes his teeth, he reads us a story and goes to sleep. On the weekends he gets a treat. Everything is the same except we read him a story and he gets to fall asleep in our bed watching T.V. Last month for some reason, this crazy six-year-old child thinks he is impervious from any and all repercussions. As the Chief was changing the channel on the TV in the bathroom, this boy who has temporarily lost his mind decided to kick the Chief and say, what do you think you are doing. I want Scooby Doo. I have to say that definitely was the worst move this kid made. The Chief, who is usually very care free and laid back with the Cisco Kid, decided in a blink of an eye, this boy just lost all TV privileges, all playing in the bath tub /pool, no falling asleep in our bed while watching TV, and the one that hit home the hardest, was no desert the next night.

The next fifteen minutes is him pleading his case to me. Cisco kid: Mom, talk to Daddy. I want sugar.
Me: I will not talk to daddy. You did something wrong, you have consequences . Cisco Kid: Mom please I want sugar.

Me: Did you say your sorry to daddy?
Cisco Kid: Yes, and he said thank you and I'm still not getting sugar.

Me: Well, he's right. Cisco Kid: Why me.... as he stamps his feet.
Cisco Kid: I'm so sad. Why is this happening to me.

Me: That's what happens when you do something wrong. You are going to get all your privileges taken away.
Cisco Kid. I won't do that again. " while he is stamping feet again."

Me: I bet you won't.

Me: Not helping by taking his picture.

Me: OK it's time to go to bed.
Cisco Kid: Will I get sugar tomorrow?
Me: No! you have consequences. Stop asking or I will take sugar away the next night also.Cisco Kid: NO! NO! But mom I just wanted Scooby Doo.

Me: You know that you don't kick anyone and talk to daddy that way. Cisco kid: OK... I understand. Will I ever get sugar again?

Me: OH! MY! GOODNESS!!!!! Me: Get In Bed.

This child was saying something else at this point. I can't remember, I blacked out.
Me: Finally!!!!

He really is a good child. I just can't wait until he has children and reads this.



  1. Too funny! I bet you were relieved when he fell asleep! ;) I've had days like that!

  2. Cute story, my son can be pestering in the same way! Ugh! :)

  3. you really need to look in my blog at the two post named Grace's messes, i too think it was made worse by me taking pictures. i love the post today

  4. That is too funny! I love how you were able to capture the moment with pictures:)

  5. That sounds like something my 4 year old daughter would do. The are mini manipulators aren't they? Good for you for remebering all of it, taking pictures and most importantly standing your ground!

  6. Hi!
    I was thinking about starting a "What your kids say Wednesday" too! Then I saw a comment you posted on someone's blog and I was so excited to join in this Wednesday Fun!

  7. That is cute. I love how kids try to get out of trouble they really go for it.



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