Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Cisco Kid wants it all

Now that The Cisco Kid has been in school for one week, it is time to get him involved in extracurricular activities. I want him to experience different activities and if he likes them it's fine, if he doesn’t like them that is fine also. As long as he tries them out so he can make his decision based on experience. I require him to complete what he starts as long as the activity portrays what is advertised. In the past he has participated in Karate, Tumbling, Gymnastics, Soccer, KidzArt Art Program, Piano and Chirakawa Apaches through the YMCA. He loved them all. This year going into first grade opens new doors for activities. A big activity that we are so excited about is with the Boy Scouts. We joined and he is in the Tiger Cub Pack. This is so up his alley. He loves crafts, camping and getting achievement patches. I have to say, this is right up my alley also. I volunteered as a den mom. He has two other activities that he will also be doing, the Awana with the children’s ministry and Soccer. This year we have a busy schedule.

This is when he was in the Awana Cubbies. Now it will be Awana.

These were second graders in the Boy Scouts. Earlier this year we went to the Georgia Aquarium and spent the night. They offer the greatest adventure. You can camp out in the aquarium and they give you behind the scenes tour of the whole aquarium. We were teamed up with this Boy Scout Troop. It was an extra special experience for The Cisco Kid because these Boys took the Cisco Kid in as if he was part of their troop. From that day forward my son loved the Boy Scouts. Soccer Piano Recital, I will continue to teach him the piano.
Participating and reading about "What would your children say?" Wednesday, is a real good laugh for mid week. I hope to see all the familuarla faces and new ones.

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  1. I love your motto of finishing something you start, we have the same rule, since we have 7 kids we also only allow on activity or else we would go insane LOL....Great pictures
    Hugs Nicki

  2. We only do 1 activity at a time rule. Love the soccer pictures. I can't wait until hes old enough for soccer.

  3. Sounds like a busy guy! I have the same philosophy on activites, let them try it but not push it. Mason participates in a lot the same activites as the Cisco Kid and even has the same shirt and tie as in the last pictures. We have the same taste and live half-way across the US!



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