Friday, September 4, 2009

The Mom Squad gets some girl time

There is never a loss for words when you get the Mom Squad together. We went out to Bob Evans for breakfast yesterday and 2 1/2 hours later we were still talking and had lots more to say. It was nice to get caught up with each other. This was the first time in a long time we were able to get together without the Little Rascals. The three of us met when we sent our children to 3 year old pre-school together. Our families have been friends ever since.
Have a great weekend everyone.



  1. Great picture although we didn't coordinate colors very well did we??? :) It was so much fun and definitely much needed and deserved after the long summer break. Can't wait to meet again! Friends make life so much sunnier!

  2. I had a great time. It feels great to get together with people you can relax with and just be yourself. I am so lucky to have friends like you guys. See you again soon. I hope!
    P.S. I want to see some school pics of you Marianne...(Did you see- Show Us Your Life-topic for today @ Kelly's Korner?)



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