Thursday, September 3, 2009

I’m going to catch up on some of our Family news flashes.

To ride or not to ride the school bus. ( Read the original story).

In the news over the past week there have been two stories about some horrible situations with a school bus stop and a school bus. The first one happened with an eleven year old girl. She was kidnapped from a school bus stop in South Lake Tahoe as her step father was approximately one hundred yards away in front of their house, watching her get on the bus. She was found 18 years later. Read more….

Second incident happened in Atlanta Georgia. A naked man hijacked a school bus with students on it and crashed it into a ditch. Read more on this story.

OK… I will take this as a sign. He will not be riding the bus any time soon.

Kissed by a frog. (Read the original story).

The Cisco kid must have been kissed by one big potent frog. This wart has shrunk but not gone away. I am going give the recommended Compound W with Duct tape another shot.
Another one bites the dust.
This boy is losing his teeth left and right. The tooth fairy is going broke.

School Homework
We are living in an area where the schools are rated as an A school. The homework started on Monday and they already have a spelling test on Friday.

Thank you Kim from Pair Slices, Rebecca from In His Hands, K mama from The Daily Dribbles and Jamie from The Beach Family, for sharing your wonderful stories of your children. I hope to see you all next week.

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  1. Wow, what a buys guy! Thanks for reminding me to check for homework, although Mason only had one worksheet he finihsed in 5 minutes last week. I can understand the Tooth Fairy goin broke too. Once they start coming out they all come at once.

    Good Luck with the homeowrk!

  2. Wow!! That's a lot of homework...we haven't had any for our first-grader YET, but it's coming next week. I'm glad TCK is not riding the bus. I thought of you all during all of the news lately. Very good points. Miss A. lost a tooth yesterday and one a few weeks ago, and G. lost one too this week, so the Tooth Fiary must be busy in our area going from house to house!! :)

  3. I can understand about the bus thing. To many things can happen on a bus that can make it very scary for parents. Me and my sister and brother rode a bus for a long time until one day the school bus driver picked up my brother by his ear and slammed him against the seat. Ian school does not have a bus because it is such a small private school, but when he first started going to school he so wanted to ride a bus. I was very thankful that it was not a option. I can't beleive you little man lost another tooth. Ian has a test his first week of school and has had one every since. His is in spelling to and they have a practice test every Thursday and then the real test on Friday.



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