Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Spontaneous actions

Wednesday is always good for laugh. This is the day where we could tell everyone about our children's outrageous and downright embarrassing moments we will remember and continue to laugh for years to come. It’s “What would your children say?” Wednesday.

This was so adorable. I turned on one of the Cisco Kid favorite show, Fireman Sam. He loves the adventures of protecting the people from danger. When I turned on the show he immediately ran into his bedroom and grabbed his fireman hat, gloves and flashlights. As he was watching the show he was interacting with Fireman Sam as if he was one of the crew.
More of him playing Fireman. This is his second uniform. He wore the first one out warring it so much.
His Halloween costume two years in a row was a Fireman. I wonder what he will want to be this year. Hummmmmm!!!!!



  1. That is so my son too! His big thing right now is Indiana Jones though. I am so glad you found me it had been fun to swap stories of our 6 year old boys!

  2. I finally got to post a couple! Hope you are having a great day :-)

  3. Marianne
    I'm tardy! AGAIN!! Excuses will be on my blog in a little while! I have to try to get one more picture to post.

    I love the pic with the fireman jacket, boxers/shorts, socks and sandals! So funny!!



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