Thursday, August 6, 2009

I am having a deep thought moment

First, I really enjoyed all the posts on what would your children say? These kids are such cutie pies. I’m looking forward to next week. Thanks again.

All summer long we have been very busy doing numerous activities. My son thrives on all his activities and he is always very excited to experience something new. I sometimes feel we are not spending enough time together, just him and me doing the mommy and son bonding. I see this happening more and more as he gets older. He is more involved in outside activities and wants to be with his friends. Of course we are just as involved with him. About 4 years ago, my son and I went shopping. As I was buckling him up in his car seat, he said in his little 2 year old voice, “ I so happy!” I immediately said back to him, sweetie that is my life’s goal, to make you happy. Because my life goal is to make my child happy, I think many times about how my son would remember me? How he would remember us as a family. I know that all the activities make him happy but then again he is just a child.
Many things go through my mind. What will his perception of his life be when he is grown? This is a very clear thought in my mind only because my father at the age of 48 died when I was 15. I have a wonderful perception of him in the little time we spent together. My perception of him is, he was a hard worker, family man, put the safety of his children first, bonded with his children, took care of his family, sportsman, adventurist, well liked, very friendly and ready to help anyone. These are great attributes for a child to remember and pass these attributes down to their children. I know that my perception of my parents along with their raising technique shaped me into the person that I am today. I know that as my son gets older his perceptions of us as parents will mature. I also know that his perception of us as his parents will shape him into the person he will grow up to be. I want him to be the best person and I want him to remember us in the same light as I remember my parents. Parenting is never perfect and is very difficult, but that’s what we signed up for when we decided to have a child. I think being aware, keeping connected and making a conscious effort to do the best job with raising a child is half the battle. I know one thing for sure. Everything we do and say will leave a mark on his soul forever. We are shaping him every day of our lives. He is a reflection of us. When he is all grown up and has a family of his own, he can pass down all the things we so endearingly hold close to our hearts. Love your children and make great everlasting impressions.


  1. I grew up in a strict home. At the time, I absolutely hated it. But, as an adult, with my own kids, looking back on it--I had a wonderful upbringing. I was instilled with morals and values that govern my decisions even today. Your son will look back and see the love...

  2. The Cisco Kid has a wonderful life and two amazing parents! I have no doubt you are giving him wonderful memories of time spent with you and even without you when he is at his activities and playing with friends. Every time you hug him, photograph special moments of him, tuck him in at bedtime and give him a kiss, swim with him, craft with him, talk to him in the car while driving to activities, help him with homework, let him bake some goodies with you, correct his behavior when you disaprove----all of these little things and so many more let him know how much you love and care for him, and I have no doubt the repetition of these little daily things will give him a lasting positive impression of his childhood and family life. It goes without saying that, in turn, you wll have taught him how to be a wonderful parent one day when he grows up as well. Deep thought moments are good from time to time, but have no worries! You are on the right track with the Cisco Kid! :)

  3. What a neat post! I think of that myself, I had a great life growing up and AMAZING parents, looking back they really made it seem easy and we always knew we were loved. I hope I can pass that along to my kids but it seems a lot more difficult because now you are the one parenting but I wouldn't trade it for anything!



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