Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kelly is changing Show us where you live Friday to Show us your LIFE

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Show us where you live Friday is over, Kelly is now asking: Show us your LIFE.

This is my sons life sleeping. I love sleeping baby pictures. So this is a glimpse of my sleeping baby as an infant to present.

This is when we first brought him home from the hospital.
We went grocery shopping and he was so comfortable in the baby carrier that I couldn't wake him to put him in the car seat.

Grandmas are always so comfortable.
The Mall wore him out.
My poor boy!!!! I was cleaning the kitchen when my little cutie started to follow me around with the pillow. I was so involved with cleaning, I didn't realize what time it was and totally missed getting him his bottle. Well as you could see he just couldn't wait any longer. He put the pillow in the kitchen floor and went to sleep with his bottom in the air. Bad,Bad, Mommy!!!

Just a few minutes prior to him falling asleep on the floor, He was in his chair eating and we were laughing. Once he was all done eating he got down out of his chair, put his bottle on the floor and passed out. The rest is history.
Driving in a car will make him fall asleep in a flash.
I just died laughing when I walked in on him sleeping with his hand down his pants.

He wanted to see Santa so bad, that he finally went to sleep in the family room.

He hurt his little lip and the entire trauma just tuckered him out.

This was Christmas Eve. 2008
I thought he was in his room playing and when I went to see what he was doing, he was no were in sight. He was in my room asleep.
This child will fall asleep any where any place. He is lying down on a small sitting stool.

Apparently he had a hard day at school.

That concludes my favorite pictures and my sons sleeping life.
Have a great weekend.

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  1. These pictures of The Cisco Kid are adorable as well as hysterical! My kids have only fallen asleep in the car, the stroller, or their own bed while growing up, so the idea of suddenly falling asleep on a cushion, stool, or floor is just amazing to me---that is one tired kid! :) He just goes until he can't go anymore!

  2. They say the only thing worth stealing is a kiss from a sleeping child...I sure this one gets lots of kisses. So cute!

  3. Ha ha! Funny how you have captured so many sleeping moments of your son! So cute! I love the one with his hand down his pants....priceless!

  4. What great pictures! It made me think of all of the sleeping pics I have of my kids but you are correct in staying your son will sleep anywhere!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. LOL!! Fantastic photos!

    I am stopping by all my followers blogs to say hi. I am having a giveaway on my blog if you would like to enter.

    =D melanie

  6. Oh my goodness! These pictures are too funny! Thanks for the encouraging words on my "Venting" post! I needed them!!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. I wish my boys would sleep like that

  8. Amazing! haha

    And amazing that you had the thought to take the pictures... at least you knew that it wouldn't be a blurry photo! (since he looks like once he was asleep, he pretty much stayed in one spot!)

    this was fun to look at.

  9. Oh, so so cute! My kids were like that; would sleep anywhere! The hands down the pants...perfect leverage to use when he is older to have the car washed ! Hehehe...

  10. I adore this post!! it cracked me up!! Cz this is exactly how my little girl sleeps.. she just has those funny positions ! I adore sleeping babies!



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