Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Why buy toys when a roll of tape will be lots of fun.

Today is "What would your children say?" Let's here about the silly, funny, scarry, helareous, etc. things you children say and do.
You’ll never know what The Cisco Kid will tape down. He stayed under the table for a good 45 minutes taping our feet to the floor. he was having so much fun and giggled the whole time. It's funny! It doesn't take much to make a child happy.



  1. Oh that is cute and something I have thought about to myself alot to. Why do I spend money on toys when something like a box brings so much happeness to my boys.

  2. Oh Gosh! My son is with me right now. He saw the pictures and said ' good idea, I'll go get a tape :)
    I'm following your lovely blog and I'm glad, joined 'what would your child say?.'
    What a great idea!

  3. I was also thinking that you buy the kids toys and they have more fun with the box! Silly kiddos! I have to hide the tape in our house or my kids tape everything in sight! Last year my son couldn't find tape so he used gum to attach two pictures together and then he gave them to his teacher! I bet she loved it!

  4. I came by way of Oswald Cuties and finding your comment on her post of What would Your Children Say? had me want to check out who thought of such a funny and totally true statement? haha

    I love this meme, cuz I love to hear what kids say and would love to have known what thought process got them there.

    Our 3 are away in college, but I can't help but distinctly remember some of their funny conversations or sayings! (somewhere in the midst of boxes, do have some of their cute sayings and doings written down...)

    so, I will be back and I think this is a great one!

    I consider myself still fairly new in the blog world, so learning all the time...Just need to learn to quit finding such fun bloggers, so that I dont end up on the computer forever! (I am still trying to read each new post of the blogs that I do follow....and boy you let one week slide by and there is a truck load of catching up to do!)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    If you get a chance to peek at mine, please let me know you were there with a comment.
    Just added you on my blogs to follow!

  5. Ahh fun with tape! Must be a 6 year old thing :). Mason will tape anything too, but not our feet...yet!

    Sorry I didn't get to join this week, its been a busy one. I will save my story for next week!




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