Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New FREE Web Site

If you love crafts and the creative talents of many crafters as much as I do, you will enjoy this new web site I have been working on. "Show off your Creation"

I enjoy looking around and finding new and talented people that have perfected their artistic creations. There is no better gift than to find a unique and original creation to make a perfect impression.

I would love to promote all the people that have perfected their wonderful talent by having them enter their site FREE on “Show off your Creation” web site.

If you know of someone who has a wonderful ability to create something special please send them this way. It would be a great contribution to help support the hard working and talented crafters.

Dont forget about tomarrow!!!! "What would your children say?" Wednesday, is a real good laugh for mid week.

Click on the logo and get full details.


1 comment:

  1. Great idea! Your own little etsy! I might not be posting on the site but I will definitely be checking in for some great gift ideas!



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