Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm picking out the pumpkin. NO! I'm picking out the pumpkin

Its "What would your children say?" Wednesday. Time fly’s by with our children growing up so fast. This is a great way to cherish and remember those moments when they catch you by surprise with their great personalities.

The Cisco Kid and I were shopping for a couple of pumpkins. I told the Cisco kid he could pick them out. As he was searching for the pumpkins I would guide him into making the right choice. As he was picking them, he would say. Ok mom! This is a good one. He chose the ugliest pumpkins. I would tell him what was wrong with it and have him pick out another. He probably went through about five pumpkins when I decided to pick it out. Now it was time for him to pick the second pumpkin. Again he was picking the ones with broken stems and discolored, again I would shoot his choices down. He got to the end of his rope and mumbled under his breath. Mom you’re doing it again!!!!! I asked, what am I doing again. He said: You’re not letting me pick the one I want!!!!! I died laughing. I could not stop. It was so funny. I loved the fact that he stood up for himself in a cute way.

He made a perfect choice after all.



  1. Funny story! This is why our family buys FOUR pumpkins!! We each get to pick, even if it's ugly, and Tony buys THE pumpkin for major carving work to ensure it is good for such a project. What is with kids? They ALWAYS choose the ugly pumpkins, but I let mine do it because it is their pumpkin.

  2. LOL That is a cute story. I can just see him telling you that you are doing it again way to funny!

  3. I did the EXACT same thing yesterday with my kids! I will post some picture later this week. I love your display with the pimpkin he chose, it does look like a good one!

  4. It DOES look like a good pumpkin! That is so funny. Way to go Cisco Kid! (pumpking picking and standing up for yourself) LOL

  5. i love it!!! i am guilty of that as well, but i love the centerpiece you made! beautiful



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