Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A boys new best freind!!! No, not a dog.

I love to document these great moments. With children and their fast growing years everything goes by in a flash. Here is where we can remember for years all the wonderful things they say and do. Join me in "What would your children say?" Wednesday.

This boys new best friend is wikipedia. The chief and the Cisco Kid have been wikipedia junkies. everytime the Cisco Kid askes my husband a question ( and there are alot of them.) they go to the computer and look it up on wikipedia. Now the Cisco Kid wants to look up everything on wikipedia. This brings me to tell you this story.

I was driving the Cisco Kid to school and he was asking why are there white blinking lites on top of the school bus. I told him I think it is for safety reasons. It lets drivers know there is a school bus ahead and not a regular public bus. He said well.... maybe it is so plains can see them, because on top of all the towers there are white blinking lites. I explained that the tower light are very high and the bus is not, so that couldn't be the reason. He then said..... Mom we have to look it up in busipedia!



  1. I like that! That's a good one! :)

  2. Busipedia! Too funny! We Google everything at our house but I may have to Wikipedi next time. They are so curious at this age, especially boys. they need to know how everything works!



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