Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Off to the Races

Over the weekend we went out with some great friends and had lots of fun at Adventure Landing. We raced go carts, played 18 holes of golf and ending the evening with a good dinner at Sonny's BBQ.

The little rascals were so happy to see each other.
All buckled in and ready to race.

Watch out!! The wild woman is on the road and racing to the finish line, at a snail's pace.
It’s time for the little rascals to ride a go cart all by themselves.

The mom squad ran out of batteries in our cameras and we were unable to take pictures of the golfing and dinner. It really worked out for the best we were able to talk and catch up with each other instead of acting like the paparazzi.


1 comment:

  1. So much fun we had! Snail's pace is right...and I still thought it was fast! You got some great shots though. I can't believe you turned your camera backwards and got the shot of that wild woman driving. You're good!



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