Friday, November 20, 2009

Cub Scout go to the Fire Station

This was an amazing experience for all the boys. We have never been to the Fire Station. The Cub Scouts got the royal tour through the Fire Station. We have always seen and toured the fire trucks when they come to the school. This was a real treat for them to see firsthand on how a real fire station works.

These three fire men put so much education in their tour of the Fire Station.
One of the fire men started out by talking about safety and what you should do in case of a fire. He went over all of the safety rules from getting out of the house, having a designated area where you should meet your family, to not going back into the burning house to look for your pets.

He gave the boys a real treat when he had the fire alarm go off. It was nothing like they thought. The first thing the Cisco Kid asked the fire man was……can I ring the bell. He had to explain that it was all computerized and it came through the intercom, not by pulling a rope on a big red bell. The look on the Cisco Kids face was priceless.

This is the tour of where they sleep. They work 12 hours on and two days off.
The Fire Truck.

The Fire man is showing the boys all the equipment on the truck and telling them in detail what it is used for.

He showed the Cisco Kids Favorite piece of equipment. The Jaws Of Life.
Walking through the front of the Fire Truck.
The talked about the ambulance and let the boys walk through it.

For the grand finale the fire man dressed up in his full fire gear and let the boys here how he sounds through his breathing apparatus.

All the boys said...... This was the best night ever.
Have a great weekend.


  1. What a cool "go see it" trip! Looks very interesting and the boys look entranced! I know, with TCK's love of emergency vehicles, he had a wonderful time!

  2. I know that was fun for TCK -- it was very interesting for ME, too, seeing it through your great photos. I really enjoy your blogs. Thanks!



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