Thursday, November 19, 2009

Go Lightning!!!!

The Cisco Kid had his last soccer game for the fall season. The coach had some pretty amazing things to say about the Cisco Kid. Way to go my son!!!! I'm very proud of all his accomplishments. He was so excited to get his trophy.
These two coaches are great and they really love the sport. They encourage the boys with confidence and praise. Prior to receiving their trophies they had a pizza party complete with cupcakes.
The Cisco Kid is number 8 and on the blue team. Here are some great plays from the Cisco Kid and team members.

Even though at this age group they don't officially keep score, it was a great season for Lightning. Way to go Lightning!!!!

Thank you Kim, from "Pair Slices" for participating in "What would your Children say?" Wednesday.


  1. Congratulations CK for working so hard this season! It's a beautiful trophy! Great action pictures! You all must be very proud of your little guy!

  2. Way to Go!! Glad you guys stuck with it and CK ended up having a great time. It looks like great exercise and alot of fun! Never a dull moment right?

  3. What a great way to end the season! It is amazing the motivation those little throphy's provide, Mason has just wanted to play for that and now it is his favorite sport!



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