Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Time is not on my side but having a good time is.

Oh my Gosh!!!!! Already it’s December 9, 2009, Christmas is coming fast. Only 15 day left. I am on a serious quest to get my seriously, ridiculously long list of things done on time. I can only blame myself for this massive list I put on myself.

I can make a big check mark next to getting The Cisco Kids picture taken with Santa. We have never seen Santa when it wasn’t crowded. We got the royal treatments from Santa. He came out to greet The Cisco Kid.
Santa spent some real quality time talking to him in detail about his gifts. Santa was so intrigued with the Cisco Kids requests of a telescope and a coin collecting book. They had to have been discussing coins for a good ten minutes. Santa had some interesting things to say.
After we got done visiting with Santa we went to the food court. I have never seen the food court so empty. We got our food and headed to a table when we saw they had put in a big screen TV and Sponge Bob Square Pants was on. The Cisco kid could not resist lounging and watching TV.My Christmas to do list in full swing. On one hand I’m knocking down my list. On the other hand my list is building. One of the extra things that were added to my list is to plan a Christmas party for my son’s 1st grade class.

On top of making my annual ornaments for family and friends, my family likes me to put together a gift registry so they know what to get for the Cisco Kid, putting up all my trees, decorating the house, putting up the light outside, putting up our annual train tracks, shopping for coordinating clothes for the picture, the anual picture with Santa, the anual family picture for our Christmas cards, baking my Christmas cookies, finish shopping for the Cisco Kid and the rest of the family. We are still planning a Disney trip this month. Our dear friends (Life is a bowl of Cherry’s) daughter is in the Nutcracker this year and we are looking forward to seeing her performance. Last but not least.... Our 1st annual Cub Scouts Christmas party.

So far I have completed
√ I have all my ornaments completed.
√ All my Christmas trees are up and the house is decorated.
√ I got all coordinating clothes.
√ The Chief finished the outside lights.
√ The Cisco Kid got his picture taken with Santa last night.
√ Got the toy registry out.
√ Train and tracks are all up and running.

These things I don’t usually think about until the last minute and that is wrapping all the gifts. I love to make all my name tags. I hope I have enough time for that this year.


  1. Those are great pictures with Santa. Looks like quite a conversation...

  2. So much to do but I hope you can take time to enjoy it, I seems to really be enjoying the season this year.

    I love the pictures with Santa and have to laugh because Mason's Christmas outfit is exactly the same but a black sweater, green shirt and khakis. Did you get it at Target? Too funny!

  3. Absolutely fabulous pics of TCK and Santa. How wonderful they could chat so long! Your list is stressing me out, mostly because I have some of the same things on my list and they do not have a check by them! UGHHH!! You're doing will all get done! We're so excited you are joining us at The Nutcracker! Can't wait!

  4. It is great that Santa really took some time talking to your little man. Boy after reading your list I had to lay down that is alot of stuff to do. :)



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