Monday, February 1, 2010

My new favorite place to eat.

Over the weekend we stopped into Chipotle Mexican restaurant. I didn't realize it was more of a fast food place. The menu is on the wall and you can watch them make it right in front of you. I have heard that their meats are grown in a humane environment and they use all fresh ingredients. The food was so good... I am hooked. I ordered the Chicken burrito bowl and the Chief ordered the Steak burrito. I'm going to say it again. The food was so good. You can tell that everything is fresh.



  1. I have wondered about that place. Tony told me it was more of a fast-food place, but we haven't gone. Thanks for the post...we will have to try it!

  2. Oh Marianne! Chipotle (or Chi-poodle as we call it!!) is wonderful!!

    I get the fajita bowl and just love it! Fairly low calories too! Always fresh veggies and great flavors...



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