Friday, January 29, 2010

How I tell completed.

Last evening the Cub Scouts had a great visit at Publix. The staff was so accomidating and jenerious. When we got there Mr. Keoni gave all the boys a gift that included a balloon, name tag pin, an I love Publix pin, Publix wheel crayon and a mesh hat.  
Our 1st stop was to the bakery.  Ann was so nice to tell the boys all about how they bake bread and make cakes.  She had all the boys touch the dough. 
Then she came out with a very large tray of cookies.
This is a funny story about the cookies. Publix is known for giving free cookies to the kids. When the boys heard they were going to Publix, they all asked if they can get a cookie. I told them if they listened and behaved themselves, they would get a cookie at the end. I mentioned earlier the bakery was our first stop. After Ann's presentation she pulled out a very large tray of cookies and told the boys to take one. All the boys told her they were not allowed to get one until the end. That totally floored me. They are all so well mannered. I am so proud of all my little guys.   
Of course they loved the cookies.  Happiness is a Publix cookie!!!
Now it was time to go in the back room. They were given their mesh hats.
This is where he demonstrated recycling boxes and how they were crushed using the machine. 
They were able to see inside one of the gigantic walk in freezers. 
He had all the boys ring up some items and he gave them the receipt. 
This was a very cool go see it.


  1. Looks like a fun outing! So cute that thye said they had to wait until the end for a cookie. Hope your weekend has been good.

  2. I really like this "go see it" field trip. Publix is so great, and it looks like the boys got a really great behind-the-scenes look at how Publix runs. I will have to suggest it to our leader. What great fun and great pictures! (You gotta love the hair nets!) :)



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